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Register for your IACVA – ICVS Certification Exam

When you prepare to take IACVA – ICVS Certification exam, you take the first step towards achieving expertise with an IACVA best practices and earning an IACVA – ICVS certification. Certification validates your expertise with applying the uniform application of valuation theory, approaches, methods and models applicable throughout the world and reveals your profession-related experience and establishes your valuation skills.

How to register for your ICVS Certification Exam

Certification Type:
All exams for IACVA Valuation Analyst and IACVA Fraud Detection are administered by IACVA regional charter member and or independent exam proctor approved by IACVA. The price is typically USD 195 per exam. Exam prices are subject to change. In some countries and regions, additional taxes may apply. For more details about exam prices in your country or region, contact your local training or testing center.

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